Think Tiny for a better life.

Think Tiny is cooperative think tank of individuals and communities interested in advancing the craft of sustainable, healthy, economical dwellings for the metropolitian environments



Our Vision

Think Tiny intends to be a dynamic resource for Do-It-Yourselfers and Artisans. We will offer the most current, best-practices in the areas of planning, design, execution and use of sustainable, healthy, economical dwellings.

Goals and Objectives

The Tiny Life is approached as a three-step progression:

Tiny Thinking  • Tiny Building • Tiny Living

Tiny Thinking invites the participants on a journey of discovery. We will endeavor to answer what tiny is and is not, why to live tiny and ultimately how to live tiny.

Tiny Building will explore the craft, custom and codes required for a functional, aesthetically pleasing and municipally acceptable dwelling.

Tiny Living will leverage the deep and powerful knowledge of an open source community dedicated to defining and improving a sustainable, healthy, economical dwelling.